Spruce Shoots Powder

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100% Finnish Spruce Shoots Powder

  • Glutenfree, Lactose free, vegan & vegetarian

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Finnish Spruce Shoots Powder 50g

Even in the Stone Age, our ancestors chewed spruce resin to clean their mouths.

The young shoots of spruce are called spruce shoots.
The shoots have a fresh and citrus aroma.

In smoothies, oatmeal, yoghurt or simply stir it in water.

Content: 100% Finnish Spruce Shoots – no additives.

100g powder contain in average:

  • Energy 33,6kcal/140,7kJ
  • Carbohydrate 0,7g
    • thereof sugar 0,6g
  • Fat 0,5g
  • Protein 3,1g
  • Salt 0,0g
  • Dietary fibers 7,2g

– Vegetarian
– No added sugar
– No additives and conservatives
– No gluten, no lactose, vegetarian & vegan

Recipe: Spruce Shoot Latte

Weight 50 g

Do not freeze. Keep dry.




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