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Eva – my Story

I’m Eva, a Swedish speaking Finn from the land of the midnight sun. To be more precise I come from the village of Sibbo in the southern part of Finland and I’m part of the small Finnish population (6 %) who has Swedish as their mother tongue. To put that in a very no confusing way I’m a Swedish speaking Finn.

My Family roots, however, are set in Ostrobothnia where my parents are born and raised. This is also where I have most of my relatives and a place I just need to visit once a year. The smell, the light, the scenery… it’s hard to explain, but for those of you who have had the chance to visit know what I’m talking about.

My passion in life is my family, food and nature. As a true Finn I have to list sauna bathing as one of my passions too, but then preferably combined with a cooling dip in the sea or a roll in the snow (…well the rolling in snow part I can skip.)

Switzerland is my home and so it has been for the last eleven years. I love this country with the beautiful landscape, the food, the friendly people and its magical language.

pure nordic

pure nordic Switzerland

I founded pure nordic in 2017 after realising that dried berry powders were not
to be found here. I’ve always been a fan of healthy eating, and so when I became a mother, I naturally wanted my children to also eat a healthy balanced diet. Fruit and berries etc…
The only problem was my children did not touch any of this so when I discovered the Finnish dried berry powders and started incorporating them into mine and my kids’ food I knew it was too good to keep just for myself. This is how pure nordic was born and what started with just a few berry powders has grown into a wide selection of Finnish superfoods that just keeps on growing. It seems as if I am constantly discovering new vitamin packed and nutritious superfoods to add to the product range.

pure nordic Finland

In 2021 pure nordic opened a packing and storage facility in Helsinki, Finland. This is where the bags are labelled, superfood packed and shipped to Switzerland.

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