Rose Root Powder

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100% Powdered Finnish Rose Root

  • Gluten free, Lactose free, vegan & vegetarian

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Rose Root Powder 50g
100% Rose root powder made of Finnish rose root.

Rose root is a herb that has been used for over thousand years. The legend says that the great Vikings used it to reach power and endurance before going to victorious wars.

Can be sprinkled into smoothies, porridge or yoghurt or brewed into a strengthening and refreshing tea.

Please note: Do not use together with caffeine. Not recommended for children or pregnant women. Do not use interrupted for more than four months. 

Content: 100% Finnish Rose Root – no additives.

– Vegetarian
– No added sugar
– No additives and conservatives
– No gluten, no lactose, vegetarian & vegan

Weight 50 g

Do not freeze. Keep dry.




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