Finnish Chaga Mushroom

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100% Finnish Chaga Mushroom.

  • Gluten free / lactose free / vegan / vegetarian

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Finnish Chaga Mushroom pieces 60 g

Chaga is extracted from birch trees that grow in the northern parts of Finland.

How to use
Take a small handful of Chaga pieces and let them simmer in water for 30 minutes. Pour the brownish water through a colander and set the Chaga pieces aside. Enjoy drink pure or refine with honey!

The same Chaga pieces can be used as long as they give off color. The drink can also be used as a healthy base for smoothies.

Please note! Not suitable when taking antibiotics, penicillin or blood thinning medications, during pregnancy or in case of allergy to fungi.

Ingredients: 100% dried Chaga Mushroom pieces – No additives.

– Raw food
– Preservative and flavoring free
– Gluten free, lactose free, vegan & vegetarian

Recipe: Chocolate- Chaga Smoothies

Weight 60 g

Do not freeze. Keep dry.




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